A Magical Weekend in Venice

At the end of September I spent four glorious days in Venice. I'd heard so much about the city from my mum who had been a few times as a child, and I just knew I'd love it.

My fiancé and I stayed in a new hotel, Palazzo Veneziano, on the edge of the island. If you're thinking of travelling to Venice and need a hotel, look no further. We were upgraded to the most incredible room and were really looked after throughout our stay, plus the hotel was in a great location - far enough away from the hustle and bustle but within walking distance of all the main sites.

On our first morning, we decided to get up before sunrise so that we could get to St Mark's Square before the crowds. Getting up that early was a struggle, particularly after an early flight the day before, but believe me when I say it was 100% worth it. On our walk back to our hotel for breakfast, we even caught the sun coming up over the Grand Canal.

The following day we hopped on a boat and headed for the islands out in the lagoon. Our first stop was Murano, which is like a smaller version of Venice and is famous for glass making. We had a tour around a glass factory and watched the glassmakers blowing incredible pieces to create jaw-dropping chandeliers.

Although Murano was lovely, it was nothing in comparison to its neighbouring island, Burano. I genuinely contemplated writing a separate post about Burano as it's so beautiful and I took about a million photos! But, I've managed to reign it in a bit so have included it here.

Like Murano, Burano is famous for a craft (in this case the art of lace making), but this is somewhat overshadowed by the incredibly colourful buildings that make up the island. I knew Burano was going to be good when I looked it up on Pinterest before we left, but it's so much better in real life! A definite Instagram-er's paradise!

I'll have this house please!

I could have spent a whole day just wandering around Burano and if I ever went back to Venice, I think that's exactly what I'd do.

Getting on the boat to go back to Venice really wasn't a chore though. It's a feast for the eyes whichever way you turn and I loved every minute of it. It's definitely going to inspire some more illustrations in the future!

Anyways, thank you so much for reading! Ciao!

K x

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