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Hello! Welcome to my blog and my first ever blog post!
I must say I'm incredibly nervous about writing a blog. I've wanted to start one for ages, and have almost taken the plunge a few times before now, but for one reason or another I've never quite had the courage to do it. But today I'm feeling brave(ish), and if there's one thing I've learnt since I started Kimberley Rose Studio it's that most things worth doing tend to involve a giant leap out of my comfort zone. So on that note, here goes!
I was going to start with an 'All About Me' type post but seeing as that has pretty much been covered by my About Me page, I thought I'd avoid any repetition. So head over there if you're interested!
Instead, I thought I'd start by showing you some of the things I've been working on recently.
Barcelona Sagrada Familia Sketch
In September last year, my fiancé and I spent a few days in Barcelona and I immediately fell in love with the city, particularly the Gaudi architecture. I knew I wanted to add a Barcelona print to my City Print collection so I began sketching the Sagrada Familía on paper before recreating it digitally using my iPad Pro.
Barcelona iPad Pro Illustration
I use the Procreate app for my digital illustrations. It's such a great app with a huge variety of brushes that make it feel as though you're using real life art materials.
Parc Guell Barcelona Illustration
I tend to draw each element separately so that I'm able to play around with the composition of the print at the end. I then put the final illustration into Photoshop where I can play around with the overall colour and add the text.
Personalised Barcelona City Print
I was so pleased with the final result, and I think this is actually my favourite of all the city prints I've created so far. I love the warm colours as they remind me of sunnier times (I'm not really a winter person!). If you fancy adding a little bit of summer to your walls, this one is now available to buy from my shop.
Continuing with the city theme, I am currently working on illustrations for a print of Rome - another place I absolutely loved when I visited a couple of years ago. I'm often drawn to the most complicated buildings and love drawing all of the tiny details. Above is my digital sketch of St Peter's Basilica (which is technically in the Vatican City but we'll overlook that for now!).
Rome Illustration
Using the layers feature on the Procreate app, I start adding colour, shading and detail.
Rome Illustration on iPad Pro
This one is very much still a work in progress but I'm hoping to find some time to finish it in the next few weeks. So watch this space!
If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading. I've enjoyed writing this first post and hope this is the start of an exciting blogging journey!

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